How does it all work?

Meddkeeper is a secure online responsive membership website that is available on every device as a WebApp, whether it is a desktop PC, a cellphone, or a tablet, All you require is an internet connection. Web applications (WebApps) do not need to be downloaded since they are accessed directly through a network via a web browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. Members simply add the site to their homepage which loads an icon just like a normal app. One touch will open to the application.

Members register on Meddkeeper were they can add their medical information called listings to their profile. They are able to manage each listing by editing, up-dating or deleting.

When a medical listing is added, a unique QR code is automatically generated creating a private link to that particular listing page enabling Medical Staff to scan and access the important information required to make those better medical decisions during an emergency.

There are different options available to present the generated QR Code, depending on which partner program you have joined. QR codes can be applied to keyrings, stickers, cards or even a bracelets. We have also partnered with LifecapĀ® International, a popular choice with extreme sports/rescue groups, a fire-proof, water-proof robust capsule that holds a personalised printed slip containing the QR Code and contact details.

The Meddkeeper App can also act as a powerful communication tool, using the latest technologies to connect the Patient with Response staff in the fastest way possible.

Meddkeeper is adapted to each partners requirements to provide as many features as possible that add value for their members.

Optional features include:

* Emergency Page - List of important and/or emergency number buttons. One touch opens dialer with pre-embedded numbers.
* WhatsApp - Whatsapp button opens directly to a specified group
* Send Location - Press a button to send your location to a call center or monitor
* Google Map integration
* Social Sharing Links

and more...