The bottom line is that anyone and everyone requiring medical attention at some stage in their life can benefit.  Should anyone require medical attention, the benefits of having their medical information available to the medical staff assisting them can only be a positive one. With the right information, it goes a long way in providing medical personal with the options to decide on what suitable treatment to provide. We all have the right to have the best chance of recovery or survival.

Although the benefits are for all, here are a number of groups who stand out that can utilize Meddkeeper:

Retirement Villages or Senior Groups

As the elderly are more prone to need medical care and assistance more often, being a member of a medical response company or ambulance service that partners with Meddkeeper can mean added peace of mind. Knowing that they will get faster and better treatment is not only a huge benefit, but it could mean the difference between life and death.


Rescue Services

Some jobs are more hazardous than others, such as Rescue, firefighting, being a paramedic or police officer. With a higher level of the chance of injury or accident, having the extra benefit of providing personal medical information will go a long way in helping those who help others. AND, Rescue Services can also partner with Meddkeeper to provide this powerful service to their own cliental and patients as an extra service and income stream.


Mining and Exploration Companies

Mine workers typically work extremely long hours in dark loud environments. The profession is also physically demanding. This type of workplace and profession causes stress problems, fatigue and many health issues, these problems lead to more work related injuries. Having access to better medical treatment is essential in this industry.


Corporate Business or Industrial Companies

Looking after employees has become a very important part of big business in staff retention. Your staff are the bloodline of your business, so look after them. Having a service that can help staff should they need medical assistance will promote a positive vibe and encourage further loyalty.


Road Departments and Agencies

Road transport is the most dangerous situation people deal with on a daily basis. Vehicle accidents on local or national roads is a real issue all over the world. Having the right information available to responding medical person on an accident scene will save many lives as well as promote shorten time on scene enabling a smaller force to cover more incidents. Pedestrians or cyclists are affected in the same way and can similarly jeopardize themselves or others when on the road.


Sport Events

Adding Meddkeeper as part of the sport event registration will allow participants to carry their personal QR Code and link to their medical information. Should the participant be involved in an accident or suffer from any medical condition during the event, medical staff can access the information to make effective medical decisions. This will give participants extra protection and further peace of mind.


Insurance Companies

Insurance companies can offer Meddkeeper as an added product incentive that will be of immense benefit to their clients. Having an extra "cover" and knowing that should they be involved in an emergency, they have a better chance of recovery by getting the correct treatment due to the medical personal's access to their vital medical information. This can be instrumental in their decision to take out a certain policy.